About Us

Linking Older Adults with a Caring Community

Our goal: be a leader in providing services for older adults and family caregivers throughout Milwaukee County.

When you’re 88, you feel lonely and things are not always easy. I go to bed at night and thank God for all the volunteers. If Interfaith were ever taken away, I’d be lost completely.


Since 1975, Interfaith has been helping older adults retain their independence and contribute to their communities through a variety of services, resources and opportunities.

Interfaith provides the necessary support seniors need to remain living safely in their own home, stay engaged in their community and get the best out of their later years. Supporting caregivers of older adults is also an important part of our mission.

Interfaith offers free, innovative programs specifically designed to maintain the highest level of enjoyment, wellness and independence possible for older adults. With more than a dozen offices in the Milwaukee area, Interfaith is well-equipped to provide numerous services to the senior community, including:

A snapshot of what we do in a year