Caregivers Need Care, Too

Family caregivers know they must always plan for the present and the future. Which is why Interfaith’s Family Caregiver Support Network (FCSN) has free services and resources available to help you every step of the way.

We make ourselves available to connect you with free or fee-based services and resources, including support group information, medical and financial contacts, senior living options and care information, legal advice, and even information specifically for caregivers over 55 who care for children or a disabled relative.

How can we help you?

Personalized Support

  • Step-by-step help in getting access to services
  • Resource counseling
  • Self-care coaching
  • Referrals for support groups, conferences and classes

Respite Care: Take a Break

Your physical and mental well-being is crucial. So if you need a break, we can help you with getting family and friends to help with caregiving, professional in-home care services, or adult day center and overnight care for your loved ones.

Supplemental Services

Please ask if you need help with other, more unfamiliar family caregiver duties, such as: setting up family meetings; transportation; how to make home modifications; where to get adaptive equipment or home healthcare supplies; and even scheduling a visit with a nutritionist, nurse, physical or occupational therapist, or care manager.

Contact Family Caregiver Support

If you have a question about caregiving, please ask us. Our job is to ensure you get the assistance you need, so you and your loved one both get the most out of life.

Download these additional free resources


A handy tri-fold brochure all about Interfaith's Family Caregiver Support Network and how we can help you.

Caregiver Circle Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter for family caregivers, including tips and resources to help you take care of your loved one -- and yourself.

The Family Connection

A quarterly newsletter for grandparents or relatives who are raising young children or someone with a disability.

Caregiver Resource Directory

A publication for caregivers and their families that includes a statewide directory of senior living options.

Published by 50 Plus Magazine.

Special Supplement (English)

A special supplement prepared specifically for family caregivers.

Special Supplement (Spanish)

Un suplemento preparado para los cuidadores de las familias.

Wisconsin's Family Caregiver Support Programs

Still looking for more resources?

Located in every county and tribe in Wisconsin, Wisconsin's Family Caregiver Support Programs is a statewide resource providing information, support, and resources to people who need help caring for a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Talk to a knowledgeable Caregiver Resource Specialist