Landlords Selling A Home Should Be Aware Of These 5 Tenant Rights

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Landlords selling homes should be aware of the tenant’s right to enhance a decent living. The rights ensure that the selling o the house is done through the legal channels without any rights violations. However, both the landlord and the tenant must be conversant with the rights regarding the property. With this, both parties can now agree to the sale of the home. The following are tenants’ rights in the selling of a home.

Tenant rights about the sale of a home

Right to a well-maintained property. Every tenant is entitled to live in a property with proper working utilities e.g., electricity. The property must be in a conducive environment to ensure a safe living for the tenant. The landlord has to facilitate repairs of the property and upgrade the home condition when selling a property. If the landlord fails to do so, a tenant can file a case in a housing court for proper action. With this, a tenant can then move into the house without any worries.

The right to leave the property in any condition. When moving out of a home, it’s not a must for the tenants to tidy up things before the buyer comes in. Therefore it’s the work of the landlord to clean up before bringing the buyer. However, in some cases, tenants can help landlords tidy up and maybe get a bonus for the job well-done.

The right to occupy the home after it changes ownership. Sometimes a property may sell when it already has tenants hence changing ownership from one landlord to another. In such a case, the tenant has a right to continue living in the home since the lease period is not over. It happens so because the tenant’s agreement lies to the property and not the landlord. It is a property right for tenants, and landlords selling homes should respect it at all costs. With this, the tenant can continue living in the property, awaiting the lease period to be over and may renew.

Right to original lease agreements. A tenant has a right to the terms and conditions set when signing the property. If ownership changes to another landlord, the terms set previously should be respected and permitted. It means nothing should go against the terms set earlier. However, the tenant can still renegotiate with the landlord on whether the new conditions are favorable. Some of these terms include payment methods and having pets on the property. Therefore, the tenant gets to live peacefully as before without disagreeing with the landlord. For the buyers who might find it difficult to accept these terms, then they have the option of finding better policies for other properties.

The right to occupy the property during showings. Tenants should not leave the property during showings to other buyers. However, they are not obliged to keeping the premises clean to the seller’s standards. Since the tenants have some attachments to the property, they might get emotional and try to retain the house. Landlords selling homes should go slow to make the selling process easier for the tenants. Therefore, the landlord can hire cleaners to clean the property before the showings.

As long as you follow the 5 Tenant rights about the sale of a home covered in this article you will be okay. And honestly, selling your rental property will be quick and easy selling it to a sell my house fast Atlanta – cash house buyers. They have a lot of experience buying rental properties with tenants in place so they will insure a smooth transition for you and the tenants.