How To Price Your Home To Sell Fast

The current market is very tricky, COVID-19 has decimated a lot of people’s wealth so there are fewer buyers on the housing market. The reality is that the buyers left are going to want the best possible deal at the lowest possible price.

How to Price Your House to sell fast

It goes without saying, that before you call in the real estate agent your house has to be ready to be seen by the public. To get the right price fast everything, at least visually, has to be in order. So get your house in order.

  • Don’t sell in Winter.
  • A fresh coat of paint right through is a good start, always use neutral colors so that nothing stands out too much.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms have to be very clean ( get the contract cleaner through). 
  • Remove all excess clutter, into storage if necessary.
  • Lawns and garden beds trimmed and neat, and maybe even the front fence painted. Then you are ready for first your appraisal.

Establishing Value, these tips will help you to price your house to sell fast 

In order to establish a value, it will be necessary to have about 5 different agents through your property. These will be chosen from the agents who have made the top house sales in your area. In turn, they will present you with a written appraisal and a list of their top-selling houses near you in the last year. This is an extremely useful tool to base your choice of a real estate agent on. Many agents have lists of people who want to buy in the area and may have a buyer, but they probably won’t tell you that. Areas with top schools that are near the beach and shops are often the most popular, which is probably why you moved there originally. 

The Realtor will have a pricing structure for selling your property usually based on % of the value. When times are tough you can sometimes negotiate a flat fee, which is better as you know where you stand.

You are now ready to choose your agent and have decided on the price you want to achieve you want to go to Auction in order to sell your house faster.


You want the house to sell quickly so you decide that seeing there is some interest in it that you will go to auction.

 You will have about 3 weeks of open house inspections twice a week. After the 3 weeks, the auction will take place, providing there are a few bidders Once again the house has to be spotless for every inspection, ( some families actually move out to keep it that way). Auction day comes and your house sells to the highest bidder. Most settlement contracts are 6 weeks and then you vacate the property by the due date and get the payment.

More information on how to sell faster:

Private Treaty Sale

Should you decide not to go to Auction the agent continues to hold open for inspections to get a sale. This may take a bit longer as you may have a pending buyer who has to sell his house first if you agree to this offer you may find that he asks for a long settlement say 3 months. This is quite normal in a tougher market but slows things down and you don’t want that.

If you want a quick sale in a good market consider an Auction approach, this will allow the market to determine the right price to sell your house fast. The absolutely quickest way to sell your home is to sell it to a local company like; sell my home fast San Antonio. The benefit of accepting a cash offer allows you to close faster and sell without doing any repairs to the property.

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