Respite Services & Support

Take a Well-Deserved Break

Nurse assisting older adultDo you have an opportunity to get away, but do not feel that you can go? Are you looking for a little relief from the daily grind of caregiving, but worried about who will assume your responsibilities? Are you using all of your own sick leave or vacation time to help care for someone?

Whether it’s just a few hours, a day, a weekend away, or even a week-long vacation that you need, you may be able to receive free help with your older adult care needs through a special respite program made possible through Interfaith and the Milwaukee County Department on Aging. When you need some time off – for whatever reason – respite services (this service is not based on income) will pay for older adult in-home care or facility care to give family caregivers a break.

Some caregivers may not even realize that time away is necessary for their own well-being. The constant demands of caregiving can cause physical and mental stress that leads to various health issues, sleep disruptions and other problems. Caregivers may experience:

  • More colds, flu and infections; high blood pressure; headaches; fatigue; weight loss or gain; stomach or digestive problems; back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Irritability, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration
  • Problems falling asleep, wakefulness in the middle of the night, restlessness
  • Loss of interest in things once enjoyed, isolation
  • Problems at work or with family members; road rage

These symptoms indicate that you may need help. Seek respite through a program which funds short-term older adult care or grandchild care, homemaker service, transportation, chore help, counseling, family meeting, care management and equipment to help family caregivers assist older adults. There are limits on the number of hours of service and cost of equipment; however, eligibility is not based on family caregiver or older adult income or asset levels. The older adult must also meet certain health requirements.

Requests for services should be made at least three weeks in advance, unless urgent circumstances arise. A Resource Specialist from Interfaith’s Family Caregiver Support Network will then meet with you and your older adult to determine the type of care needed and eligibility.

Ready for some respite?

Contact Interfaith’s Family Caregiver Support Network at 414-220-8600 for more information.