Senior Ambassador

Bring Service and Resource Knowledge to Your Peers

Older adults in Milwaukee County are often unaware of the many life-changing services and resources available to them. Not having this information can cause someone to choose a service that may not be the best fit, resulting in higher costs or compromised independence for the older adult.

In partnership with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging, the Senior Ambassador Program is designed to reach out to these older adults to educate them on available services and resources. Senior Ambassadors are community members trained on the services and resources older adults can access in our area.

These special 55+ volunteers travel throughout the community to places where older adults gather, such as community centers, congregations, libraries, restaurants, shops and housing facilities. Senior Ambassadors meet one-on-one with older adults and/or their caregivers to discuss potential resource options and provide contact information for each, but do not recommend or advocate for a particular resource or service.



Become a Senior Ambassador!

If you’re interested in helping older adults learn about the many services and resources they can take advantage of, get started by filling out a volunteer application. Once you successfully finish the training curriculum and are approved by program staff, you’ll be ready to begin your journey as a Senior Ambassador. For more information, call 414-220-8655 or email