Telephone Reassurance

Become a Telephone Reassurance Volunteer 

telephone-reassuranceHave you always had the gift of the gab? Put your talent to use. Hearing the voice of a friendly, caring individual on the telephone can give an older adult that added daily reassurance they need to feel safe and secure. And, you can volunteer from your own home!

The Telephone Reassurance Program provides isolated older adults with an outside connection. As a volunteer, you’ll provide a telephone call each day to an assigned older adult to verify their well-being.

A Comforting Call

The program’s purpose is to ensure that older adults can maintain their independence safely within their own homes. Many times, Telephone Reassurance can prevent older adults from requiring more costly services or institutional placement. One simple phone call can give older adults and their family members peace of mind in knowing that a volunteer will be checking in with them at the same time each day.

Help give an isolated senior a daily phone call.

You’ll be providing important services to an older adult and their families. Once you successfully finish the training curriculum and are approved by program staff, you’ll be ready to begin your journey as a Telephone Reassurance Volunteer. To get started, click here to complete an application, or for more information call 414-220-8655 or email us.